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Advisory Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

In order to deliver the best and safest program for our students, the School of Professional Studies is planning to move all programs to online learning for Summer 2020. With the State of New York’s approval, we expect to formally announce this transition as of April 10, 2020. We are excited to deliver dynamic and engaging courses and cocurricular activities online. Our websites will be updated with additional details in the coming weeks. Learn More.
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Dropping Courses

Refund Policy When Dropping Individual Courses

In any given semester, the University refunds the tuition of any course a student drops officially during the late registration period. There is no refund of tuition for courses dropped after that, unless a student withdraws completely from the University—that is, drops all of the courses for which he or she is registered.

Fees such as the Health Service fee, the Student Medical Insurance Plan premium, the document fee, the University facilities fee, and late fees are not refundable, though certain fees may be adjusted if the student's enrollment status changes from full-time to part-time. Course fees (i.e., lab fees) for courses dropped during the change-of-program period are refunded in full.

Important: Failure to attend classes or notification submitted only to the instructor does not constitute dropping a course and will result in a mark of UW (unofficial withdrawal) for the course and full tuition will be charged.

Withdrawing students are charged a $75 withdrawal fee.

For the tuition refund schedule for withdrawing, see Withdrawal and Refunds.