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Fall 2020 Advisory

Find the latest information on SPS's plans for the Fall and University resources. COVID-19 Resource Guide.
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Mailing Address

Columbia University School of Professional Studies
203 Lewisohn Hall
2970 Broadway, MC 4119
New York, NY 10027

Staff Directory

Download the SPS Staff Directory

Administrative Contacts

Office of Admissions
apply [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Office of Student Affairs
sps-studentaffairs [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Programs for
High School Students

hsp [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Instructional Support

Academic Contacts

Master’s Degrees
inquire [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Actuarial Science
actuarial [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Applied Analytics
appliedanalytics [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

bioethics [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Construction Administration
construction [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Enterprise Risk Management
ERM [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Nonprofit Management
nonprofit [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Human Capital Management
hcm [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Information and Knowledge Strategy
ikns [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Narrative Medicine
narrativemedicine [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
negotiation [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Sports Management
sports [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Strategic Communication
communications [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Sustainability Management and Science
sustainability [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Technology Management
techmanagement [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Wealth Management 
sps-wealthmanagement [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu

American Language Program
alp [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu

Certificate Programs
info [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu
Certificates taken or completed during the academic year

Postbaccalaureate Studies
postbacc [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu
Courses and non-degree programs for students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree

Programs for High School Students
hsp [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu
Immersive pre-college programs on campus

Summer Sessions
summersessions [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu
More than 50 areas of study to explore and endless opportunities to discover

Visiting Students
undergradvisiting [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu | gradvisiting [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu | hsvisiting [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu
Undergraduate, graduate, and high school students pursuing additional studies at Columbia

Girls in STEM
girlsinstem [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu
Engaging young women through hands-on instruction in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) while developing their leadership and communication skills

Academic Calendars

For spring and fall, please consult the Office of the University Registrar Academic Calendar. To see calendars for School of Professional Studies students, select “School of Professional Studies” from the Select School dropdown menu. Students who are cross-registered in other schools must follow that school’s registration calendar.

For summer, please visit the Columbia Summer Calendars.