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SPS Student Emergency Fund

The SPS Emergency Fund was created by the Division of Student Affairs to support SPS students who are experiencing a crisis that could adversely impact their academic journey. The goal of the fund is to prevent one small emergency or unexpected expense from derailing a student’s progress towards a degree. The funds are limited and not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring expenses.

Currently enrolled, degree-seeking students may apply for funds when they have exhausted all other resources, including but not limited to: personal credit, payment plans, additional student aid, assistance from family and friends or other personal resources. Emergency funding is provided in the form of a one-time grant which does not need to be repaid. This funding is not intended to reimburse for expenses that have already been paid or replace or supplement existing financial aid options such as public or private loans.

All requests will require documentation and precedence will be given to students determined to have the most need and how close the student is to degree completion. Interested students must submit documentation attesting to the validity of any claims made or reasons given for the request. Unexpected emergency situations include but are not limited to: accidents, illness, disaster and/or temporary loss of housing. Students must show that they have exhausted all other resources and must have a plan for managing their financial situation after receiving emergency funds.

Students should be aware that emergency funding may create a taxable event that could require reporting to the IRS by the university or recipient of the funds and may affect financial aid eligibility. The committee will work with Student Financial Services to obtain a full understanding of your financial aid options and history.

Award Amount Per Person: Awards vary and are contingent on available funds. Average award amounts range from $25 to $5000 per student and are typically only awarded once during a students tenure at SPS. Award types may be offered in the form of emergency housing, food assistance, and/or monetary support depending on the student's situation. Eligibility does not guarantee award approval.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions? Contact sps-wellness@columbia for assistance with the SPS Emergency Fund.