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Satisfactory Academic Progress

A student’s academic progress is considered to be satisfactory when a student maintains at least the minimum grade point average required for their program, completes a minimum of 67% of their total attempted credits, and completes their program within the maximum time frame of their respective program.

The academic progress of each student is reviewed shortly after the end of each term. After the review of records has been completed, students will be alerted to any identified deficiencies and told of the consequences of failure to remedy the deficiencies.

After one term of unsatisfactory progress, if a student has a second term of unsatisfactory progress, the student is subject to dismissal from the academic program and the School of Professional Studies. Students earning grades of D or F in a term may also be dismissed. All decisions to dismiss for academic reasons are subject to appeal. A transcript notation will be made when students are expelled or dismissed from the School of Professional Studies.