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Career Transitions

Making a career transition is exciting and challenging. The key to success will be researching the new field and learning as much as possible so you will be able to transform yourself into an insider.

Inventory your skills and experience and see how they match the requirements of jobs that interest you. Ask yourself if you are ready to make the move or if you need to consider some intermediate steps to get there. Remember, the closer you match the job, the more likely the employer will consider you a viable candidate.

Employers appreciate candidates who really understand the industry and positions. To become an insider, learn the language of the industry and use it in your resume, cover letters and conversations to be a more credible candidate. For example, in the field of sports, key terminology includes “fan engagement”; in media, it's “viewers,” “audience” and “consumers”; in finance, it’s “clients” and “investors.” 

You might want to test drive the new job or career direction before you make your commitment. While you are in school, consider doing an internship, job shadowing, consulting work or volunteering to see if you like it!