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Applications for 2024 Columbia Summer Session programs are now open!

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University Courses

For some students, a unique program of study is most effective for meeting their goals. Postbaccalaureate Studies students may choose a single concentration or explore multiple subject areas to create a schedule of one or more classes built from a selection of the 3,000+ University undergraduate and graduate courses available to them. Postbaccalaureate Studies students are enrolled alongside matriculated Columbia degree students, they receive academic credit, and may request a Columbia University transcript showing the grades received in their classes.

Course plan advising is provided on an individual basis, ensuring that students pursue a rigorous program of study appropriate to their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Students who are currently enrolled in a degree program at another institution can apply to take courses through the Visiting Students program.

Bachelor’s degree holders who are not currently enrolled at another institution can apply to take courses through the Postbaccalaureate Studies program.

Details on Course Seats and Required Preparation

Course information is found in the Columbia University Directory of Classes

Admittance into the Postbaccalaureate Studies program does not guarantee any student a seat in a course. Certain courses such as seminars are not normally open to Postbaccalaureate Studies students unless express permission is granted in advance by the instructor, department or program. Permission to register for courses in other divisions of the University depends on the course, the school that offers it, and the student’s academic status within the School of Professional Studies. Some schools allow cross-registration; others do not. Specific cross-registration information for each school can be found here.

Please check with individual instructors about specific prerequisite course requirements. Admitted students may register for courses only if  prerequisites are fulfilled.

A number of classes are offered after 5:00 PM, for those students who work during the day.

In over-enrolled courses, Columbia degree candidates often have priority over non-degree students.


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