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The Department of Italian offers courses in Italian language and literature, including courses in Italian women's writing, Dante's Divine Comedy, Italian Neorealism, the literature and culture of Naples, Calvino, Tasso, Italian cinema, and the literature and culture of Venice.

For questions about specific courses, contact the department.


Language Course Enrollment

Students are advised to consult the Department of Italian Web site in advance of the registration period. Enrollment is limited and the attendance policy is strict. Note that the telephone/online registration period for Italian language courses ends after the first Monday of classes.


Placement Test

Students who have taken courses in Italian elsewhere (whether in high school, college, or both), but not at Columbia, must take the Italian Placement Test before registering for any Italian course. The placement examination is given in the department the week before classes begin. The dates are available in the departmental office, 502 Hamilton, and on the department's Web site. The results are made known to the student before the start of classes.


Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center, located in 353 IAB Extension, provides intensive practice in pronunciation, diction, and aural comprehension of some 25 modern languages. Exercises are closely coordinated with classroom work. Coordinated tape programs are available and mandatory for students registered in elementary Italian language courses; they are available and optional in intermediate Italian language courses. Taped exercises in pronunciation and intonation, as well as tapes of selected literary works, are also available to all students in Italian.

For questions about specific courses, contact the department.