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Fall Update

At SPS this fall, all courses, other than pre-established online courses, will be offered face-to-face in our New York City classrooms. Some of these face-to-face courses will be offered in the HyFlex format to ensure that all of our students can make progress toward their degree requirements, if faced with delays due to student visas or vaccination effectiveness wait times.
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Portuguese Studies

The courses below are offered through the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures.

For questions about specific courses, contact the department.



In addition to providing students with a commanding linguistic preparation in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan, the department offers a flexible and varied undergraduate program that enables them to study the cultural manifestations of the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds in a variety of cultural contexts: the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, the former colonies of Portugal, and the United States.


Spanish Placement Exam

Entering Columbia students are placed in Spanish courses or exempted from the language requirement on the basis of their College Board Achievement or Advanced Placement scores. All other students with prior knowledge of Spanish (secondary school, living abroad, near-native or native speakers) who want to continue studying Spanish are required to take the department's Spanish Placement Examination before registering for a course. Please visit the Spanish and Portuguese Department's website for additional information about the Spanish Placement Examination. Please note that language courses may not be taken Pass/Fail nor may they be audited.


Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center located in 116B Lewisohn and 353 International Affairs Building Extension, provides intensive practice in pronunciation, diction, and aural comprehension. Exercises in the laboratory are closely integrated with classroom work. Coordinated recorded programs are available and strongly recommended for students registered in Spanish language courses. Recorded exercises in pronunciation and intonation, as well as recordings of selected literary works, are also available to all students in Spanish courses. For current laboratory hours, please call 212-854 3211.

For questions about specific courses, contact the department.