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Health Guidance

Masking is strongly recommended in all indoor settings. New students and faculty and staff are required to sign an updated version of the Columbia Community Compact. Learn more.
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The Department of Economics offers courses in the principles of economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, financial economics, the economics of banking and money, industrial organization, economic development, political economics, labor economics, and econometrics. The department also offers courses in game theory, emerging market economies, public economics, gender and economics, race and economics, eastern European post-Soviet economics, Asian economics, and globalization.

For questions about specific courses, contact the department.


Seminar Registration

Seminars are only open to degree-tracked economics majors. Registration is conducted by the Economics Department on the first day of each term. For seminar requirements, check the online bulletin. For registration information, check the department website.

For questions about specific courses, contact the department.