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Nonprofits & Election 2020

Nonprofits & Election 2020: Policy and Advocacy in Action during the National Election Cycle

Policy is paramount for the nonprofit sector, and election cycles represent enormous opportunities for advocacy in action. Join us for a series of six workshops designed to be in real time at important junctures of the 2020 election cycle, designed and led by experts in nonprofit policy and advocacy, Sue Santa and Sandra Swirski

Upcoming Events

November 2019 through February 2021

November 7, 2019 
The 2020 Election Cycle & the Nonprofit Organization: Intersections and Opportunities
Time: Presentation begins at 7pm EST
Location: Columbia University, New York City and Live Webcast      

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Election cycles present a unique, strategic opportunity for the nonprofit sector to engage in policy and advocacy. In our first workshop of this Election 2020 special series, two of the foremost policy experts in the sector, Sue Santa and Sandra Swirski,  joined by Steve Taylor and Nina Ozlu Tunceli, leaders in policy and advocacy from renowned 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations, will address how nonprofits may harness the opportunity an election cycle presents to shape policy. Whether your nonprofit’s focus is on national, state or local politics, this workshop can help you jumpstart or elevate your strategic policy initiatives.

Please join us for an evening of networking, shared expertise and discussion.


  • Sue Santa, Election Series Co-Developer and Adjunct Lecturer, M.S. Nonprofit Management, School of Professional Studies, Columbia University; Principal, Santa Consulting
  • Sandra SwirskiElection Series Co-Developer, M.S. Nonprofit Management, School of Professional Studies, Columbia University; Partner and Co-founder, Urban Swirski & Associates

Guest Speakers:

  • Steve TaylorSenior Vice President and Counsel for Public Policy, United Way Worldwide (501(c)(3))
  • Nina Ozlu TunceliChief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs & Executive Director, Americans for the Arts Action Fund (501(c)(4))

If you would like to attend the workshop in person at Columbia University, please send an email request to sps-nonprofit [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu.

December 5, 2019
The 2020 Alignment of Elections, Census, Redistricting and Representation: A Model for Ongoing Policy Engagement

March 26, 2020
Primary Season: How Super Tuesday and Critical State Primaries Elevate Policy Choices

June 18, 2020 
Party Planks and Platforms: Why National Conventions Matter to Nonprofits

November 12, 2020 
Election Hindsight is 20/20: Initial Review of 2020 Elections and the start of 2024 

February 11, 2021
Nonprofit Policy and Advocacy in Action: The Path Ahead