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Applications for 2024 Columbia Summer Session programs are now open!

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Students: Send Videos of HyFlex Life at Columbia!

How are you staying connected with your classmates and professors this term? Send us a 15- to 30-second video showing what HyFlex learning is like on campus.

Pick one (or more) questions to answer in your 30-second video.

  • What’s your favorite part of being on campus this Fall? Is it College Walk? Are you enjoying the extra space or shorter wait times in common areas? Is it just the nostalgia of finally returning? We want to hear from you!
  • How have you adjusted to the HyFlex learning model? What is the most unique or interesting part about taking classes in this way?
  • Why did you decide to return to Columbia's campus this fall? What does it mean to be a Columbia student right now, especially during the pandemic?
  • What virtual networking have you done through SPS and how has this helped keep your professional and academic goals on track in this difficult time? How have the co-curricular offerings — such as student organizations and special events and workshops — helped you maintain your SPS connections and community?
  • What is exciting about your program and why is it an important time to gain skills and perspectives in it?
  • How does your SPS education/ affiliation set you apart from your peers in this field/area?
  • Share your #keepthecompact story. Did you have to leave an elevator to practice social distancing? Are your capstone groups meeting six feet apart? We want to see and hear how you’re navigating these interactions on campus during a semester that will go down in history. 

How to Submit Your Video

  1. Sign a copy of the SPS Authorization and Release Form.
  2. Record yourself on campus or at your workspace using your smartphone or Zoom on your computer. Videos should be approximately 30 seconds (no longer than 1 minute, please).
  3. Use this form to upload your video and the signed SPS Authorization and Release Form.

Tips for Recording

  • If you are using your phone, be sure to record vertically or landscape - your choice. Just pick one orientation and stick to it for the entire video.
  • Be yourself! Speak in clear, complete sentences. e.g. I didn't realize I'd miss being in Lewisohn Hall! I can tell that my professors put a lot of thought into my classes.
  • Record in a well-lit spot. Make sure the light is shining on your face and not casting a shadow that hides your face.
  • Stay away from noisy areas
  • Don't edit your video; upload it here (30 secs to 1 minute).
  • Smile, wave, look inviting!

You can also check out some best practices for using a webcam here.