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Certification of Professional Achievement in Enterprise Risk Management

Columbia University’s non-degree Certification of Professional Achievement in Enterprise Risk Management prepares graduates to make effective risk-reward decisions through a complete understanding of how to assess and address volatility across an entire enterprise. The program prepares risk professionals to design and implement ERM programs that enhance all decision-making processes, ranging from strategic to traditional mitigation decisions. It also provides a robust toolkit of advanced risk management skills and approaches that can be applied to enhance value at both the enterprise level and in specialized risk management roles. The core coursework provides insights into how to utilize these ERM and risk management tools and techniques across a variety of proven, market-driven risk management frameworks.

Gain Multifaceted and Practical ERM Knowledge

The program has five distinct features critical for ERM success:

  1. A practical approach, utilizing ERM tools and techniques that have been tested and proven in the marketplace by our faculty, who are globally recognized ERM leaders.
  2. A focus on all aspects of ERM, including ERM framework, risk governance, risk identification, risk quantification, risk decision-making, and risk messaging.
  3. Comprehensive understanding of key risk sources, including strategic (e.g. competitor risk), operational (e.g. HR), financial (e.g. market risk), and insurance risk (e.g. pricing risk).
  4. Flexible course options that allow students to explore topics that matter most to them.
  5. Effective communication skills to gain buy-in from key internal and external stakeholders.


Develop Key Skills

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be prepared to:

  • Quantify all types of risks, including strategic, operational, financial, and insurance.
  • Develop a clear definition of risk appetite (the aggregate enterprise-level risk limit).
  • Design and implement customized ERM frameworks and risk governance structures for any type of organization.
  • Conduct qualitative assessments to identify and prioritize key risks from among all sources.
  • Enhance strategic planning, increasing the likelihood of achieving strategic plan goals.
  • Provide a rigorous business case to inform more effective risk-reward decision-making.
  • Assure the board of directors that key risks are well understood and managed.
  • Understand and satisfy ERM requirements from rating agencies, regulators, and shareholders.
  • Apply ERM techniques to enhance decision-making at the enterprise level or in the specialized risk management roles.


Complete the Program in Less Than One Year

Offered on Columbia’s campus in New York City, this four-course program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. For students who take two courses per term, it allows for completion in under one year.

Download the Fact Sheet 

Learn more about the program, including its flexible options and core competencies, in the Enterprise Risk Management Fact Sheet. 


Who Should Apply?

Individuals who plan to pursue or advance a career in enterprise risk management, as well as those who want to expand their abilities in specialized risk management in areas such as auditing, information technology, compliance, and management of insurable risks.

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Also Available

Master of Science

Ideal for pursuit of a senior role, such as chief risk officer, director/manager of enterprise risk, senior risk director/manager, corporate risk director/manager, or risk manager in categories such as financial, operational, strategic, and ERM.

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Non-credit Courses

Ideal for becoming more effective in targeted aspects of a current role in enterprise risk management, for those in traditional silo risk management, and for pursuit of an actuarial role with focused ERM knowledge.

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