Advanced Academic Preparation

Available in summer.

This rigorous eight-week course is designed for students who plan to enter an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university in the United States. It will prepare students for university-level academic study by:

  • focusing on academic writing skills, including:
    • academic essay format
    • source-based writing assignments 
    • summarizing skills
    • vocabulary building
    • issues related to plagiarism and academic honesty (paraphrasing, citing sources, and using quotations appropriately)
  • introducing research skills, including a presentation by a Columbia University librarian on how to use the library system 
  • improving discussion skills, including fluency and advanced-level vocabulary, thus preparing students for participation in seminar discussions
  • teaching presentation skills, including pronunciation, vocal projection, and appropriate body language
  • building lecture-listening and note-taking skills by drawing on a variety of resources including:
    • live lectures by guest speakers
    • recorded lectures by university professors
    • a Columbia University E-Seminar (an on-line course designed by a Columbia professor)
  • teaching skills for coping with extensive reading

Students in the program will have access to Columbia University facilities, including the university libraries, the language laboratory, computers, and the gym.

Dates & Prices

For a full explanation of Activity Fee, Instructional Support Fee, ALP Student Services Fee, and Technology Fee, see below. 

Application Deadline May 20
Course Dates June 18 – August 10
Tuition $7,376
Activity Fee $50
Instructional Support Fee $60
ALP Student Services Fee $40
Technology Fee $35
Health Services Fee* $270
Medical Insurance* Starting at $758
Housing** Starting at $2,744
Textbooks** $150
Living Expenses** $5,308
Total** $14,047

* Arrival in NYC required on June 15 for testing.

* Health Insurance: All ALP students studying for eight weeks or more are required to have Columbia Medical Insurance and pay the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. This includes: Fall and spring intensive; Summer A+B, B+C, A+C, A+B+C, Advanced Academic Preparation, and part-time classes. Students studying fewer than 8 weeks do not need to have Columbia Medical Insurance or pay the Columbia Health Fee. This includes: Winter Institute, Summer A only, B only or C only, EPP courses. It is not possible to waive (= not pay) the insurance charge and health fee. Fall 2017 Health Insurance cost starting at $1,139. Fall 2017 Health & Related Services Fee: $541. Visit Columbia Health for details.
** Textbook and living expenses are estimates. Living expenses include food, transportation, incidental expenses, and Housing. Housing is the actual cost for students in Columbia University Housing. AAP students who want ALP housing can apply for shared rooms at Carlton Arms, or for single or shared rooms through Columbia University Housing on the ALP website. Note: Please choose sessions "B and C" on the housing application (June 15 – August 9). 
** Total required amount on the financial document for I-20 for Advanced Academic Preparation.
The SPS Activity fee is a once per term $50 charge for ALP registrants only. It covers School of Professional Studies expenses relating to orientation, handbooks and events.
The Instructional Support fee is a course-related charge: $30 (3-point part-time); $45 (6-point part-time); $90 (full-time); $150 (Winter). It covers extra class materials and expenses such as playbooks, novels, newspapers, photocopying, theater tickets, museum or event entry.
The ALP Student Services fee is a once per term $60 charge. It applies to full-time ALP registrants only. It covers internal I-20 processing fees and other SEVIS transactions.
The Technology Fee is a once per term $35 SPS-related charge. It covers SPS technology expenses, including access to online course management software, Canvas, and tools used to develop online course content.

Apply to Advanced Academic Preparation


Current ALP students must have reached ALP level 6 to be considered for admission.

New students must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 72 (iBT) with minimum of 18 in both writing and speaking, or 5.0 IELTS with a minimum of 5.0 in both writing and speaking.

On arrival all new students must also sit for the ALP Essay Exam. Those whose scores fall below ALP level 6 must take the ALP Intensive course at the appropriate level, given at the same dates as the AAP course (Session B+C).

Successful applicants will be placed into AAP classes based on their ALP level and TOEFL score. Students will be placed with others of similar ability. 

To submit your official TOEFL score, please request that ETS send your TOEFL score report directly to the ALP admissions office, using DI Code: 2594, "Undergrad."

Application Materials

Applicants must apply online. Only applications submitted from the ALP Web site are accepted.

  1. Completed online application form.

  2. Nonrefundable application fee:   U.S. $150.00 for online applications + $350.00 tuition deposit, payable by credit card only. No application will be processed without this fee.

In general, an F-1 (student visa) is required for study in the US. International applicants are required to request an I-20 in order to obtain the F-1 visa and must enroll in a full-time program (18 hours or more per week).

If you are already holding an F-1 visa and attending another school you must also transfer your SEVIS record from your current school to the ALP. Please speak to your Advisor at your current school.

For all I-20 requests, please send the following items along with your completed application and application fee:

  1. Bank statement: this document must be in English and dated within the last three months. It must be from a checking or savings account and must show sufficient available funds to pay the estimated tuition, fees and living expenses.
    • Advanced Academic Preparation is an eight-week intensive course and requires a 2-month I-20. The required amount (in your account) for the I-20 for AAP is $13,990.
  2. Sponsor letter: the letter must be in English and dated within the last three months. It must also be signed by the sponsor. If you are sending your own bank statement you are not required to submit a sponsor letter. The sponsor letter is necessary only if a bank statement will be submitted on your behalf by another person. The person whose bank statement you will submit is your sponsor.

    Your sponsor must submit a letter (sponsor letter) stating that s/he will provide you with full financial support during the period of your study in the ALP. The sponsor letter must be in English and dated within the last three months. It must also be signed by the sponsor.
  3. Photocopy of your passport’s identification page.
    • The page in your passport that shows your photograph, your name and your date of birth.

Once your completed application and accompanying materials and fees have been received and processed, you will receive a US government I-20 A-B form. Bring the I-20 A-B form, along with your letter of acceptance and original financial documents, to a US embassy or consulate in your country to apply for a student (F-1) visa.

Students must apply online.

Commission on English Language Program Accreditation

Accredited by CEA

The Advanced Academic Preparation Program is accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA) for the period of April 2014 through April 2019. For this offering, the American Language Program agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. The U.S. Secretary of Education recognizes CEA as a national accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions.