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Morningside Campus Access Updates

The Morningside campus is open to everyone between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., and is limited to CUID holders between 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. CUID holders can request campus access for guests by completing the registration form. Campus entry points remain limited. Read More.
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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

The Masters in Human Capital Management program teaches students how to develop effective decision-making strategies, apply data-based approaches to workforce management, and build diverse, inclusive workplaces. We asked faculty in the program for career tips drawn from their extensive experiences. Their responses: 



In India, when you buy vegetables from a farmers’ market, the seller gives you a handful of green chilies or cilantro as runga—something that comes free with the vegetable that helps take your food preparation up a notch. When you are working on an initiative, think about what it is that you are offering as runga—something extra that will help delight your stakeholder, even if it is small.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. The greatest successes in my career have been in times when I took on a challenge that no one else wanted or raised my hand for something that I wasn’t fully qualified for but knew that I had the underlying skills to do. Learn to jump into those challenges, and it will give you access to a career step that you would never have if you stayed in your comfort zone.


Think like a futurist! Remember to keep your skills current and marketable, not only by sharpening the skills you need to execute on your day-to-day deliverables but also by being in tune with new and emerging technologies and best practices in your field. It’s your responsibility to keep your career-development tool kit updated.

Returning from maternity or parental leave is a great time to reevaluate your responsibilities. To better manage the new demands on your time, sit down with your manager during your first week back to clearly understand your priorities and discuss what you should do, delegate, and/or drop.


Trust is a critical component of any successful relationship. This is no less true in the workplace, where trusting relationships between leaders and their teams enhance productivity and foster high-performing work environments. Leaders in particular should recognize that trust is reciprocal: In order to earn trust, they must be trusting of others.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of any other person or entity.

About the Program
The Columbia University M.S. in Human Capital Management program prepares graduates to be world-class HCM strategists able to address changing needs in building and motivating talented, engaged workforces in the private, public, academic, and not-for-profit sectors. The program is available part-time, full-time, on-campus, and online. 

June 15 is the final application deadline for fall 2023 enrollment. Learn more here.

Join the Human Capital Management program for an upcoming information session on April 19 with recent graduates who will share their experiences of the program and how it helped shape their professional development.

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