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Academic Review Committee

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) follows Columbia University’s Arts and Sciences Guidelines for Academic Review, which require that programs undergo review every five to seven years. This process aims to cultivate and strengthen academic excellence throughout the School's graduate and continuing education programs.

Following the methodology of the Academic Review Committee (ARC), the principal functions of an academic review are (1) to assess program quality and effectiveness, (2) to foster planning and improvement, and (3) to provide guidance for administrative decisions in strategic planning. 

The academic review process includes a program self-study, convening internal and external review committees composed of industry and higher education leaders in the field of review, on-campus stakeholder meetings and class observation, the summation of the committee recommendations in a final report, and the implementation and monitoring of approved recommendations. 

Detailed information regarding committee member participation and administration may be found in the SPS Academic Review Committee Guidelines.

SPS Academic Review Committee Guidelines