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Faculty Development Committee

Composed of up to six full-time faculty members, the Faculty Development Committee conducts faculty searches and reviews and advises the Dean on full-time faculty recruitment and compliance with University policies.

Bylaws Excerpt

1.1.    Faculty Development Committee (FDC): The Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies shall appoint a standing committee to conduct faculty searches and faculty reviews, consisting of three to six full-time faculty. The FDC consists of the Dean, the Secretary of the Faculty of Professional Studies who serves ex officio and without voting rights and staff appointed by the Dean for support. The FDC shall advise the Dean on proposals for recruiting full-time faculty, as well as oversight of the execution of the search process. The FDC shall also advise the Dean on matters pertaining to the review (reappointments and promotions) of faculty, including the creation of review committees and resulting reports that ensure compliance with the procedures as set forth within the Columbia University Faculty Handbook.



Ex Officio, Secretary of the Faculty Development Committee