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New Part-Time Hybrid M.S. Available

The part-time Master’s degree in Strategic Communication has moved to a primarily-online format for working professionals based in or outside of the New York City area.
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New Generations Entering the Workforce Face a Clash of Communication Styles

As expectations for workplace behavior change, many organizations are seeking more positive ways to communicate with a new generation of employees. Law firms, like other traditionally competitive organizations, are finding the transition to a kinder, gentler workplace a bit of a challenge.

This clash of communication styles was captured in a recent article for The American Lawyer, titled “Young Lawyers Want Ted Lasso as Their Leader, Not Bobby Knight,” Author Patrick Smith uses the two iconic coaches—one fictional; one real but retired—as a way to contrast office leadership styles. 

Smith reached out to Strategic Communication lecturer and Deputy Program Director Jesse Scinto for expert comment. 

“There has been a ton of research on the types of organizations that function effectively,” Scinto said. “All the research shows you need to develop psychological safety within the team. That means they feel comfortable admitting mistakes, disagreeing with the team leader, and asking questions. When you have that type of environment, information flows more freely, which is a competitive advantage.”

Scinto added: “A lot of industries just don’t work that way. … A lot of industries are cutthroat. If you show weakness (by asking a question or admitting you did something wrong), then someone might take your place.”

While both leadership styles may show results, young lawyers entering the traditionally high-pressured culture of big law firms find Ted Lasso’s approach to leadership more conducive to success.

The magazine is owned by ALM Media, known for its yearly publication of the AM 100 list of the largest law firms in the country. Read more about the clash of communication styles in the full article in The American Lawyer here.


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