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Health Guidance

Masking is strongly recommended in all indoor settings. New students and faculty and staff are required to sign an updated version of the Columbia Community Compact. Learn more.
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New Part-Time Hybrid M.S. Available

Beginning in Fall 2022, the part-time Master’s degree in Strategic Communication is moving to a primarily-online format for working professionals based in or outside of the New York City area.
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Graduate-Level Internship Experience

Columbia’s extensive network of contacts in the field—and the industry’s familiarity with the excellence of Columbia’s graduates—provides a wide range of graduate-level internship options, from public relations or brand strategy agencies to corporate communications departments or major nonprofits.

Listed below are the organizations where students in the Strategic Communication program have completed a practicum. This list, which includes employers that have hired multiple students each year as well as organizations that reflect the unique interests of individuals in the cohort, is representative of the varied career interests of our students. (Practicums are based on the individual needs of the firms and therefore not guaranteed.)

What to Expect as a Practicum Student

These testimonials from our practicum employers provide examples of responsibilities during a practicum, as well as the personal and professional traits of our most successful students.

  • “Our Columbia University student was responsible for supporting the B2B business of the agency in all day-to-day management of client campaigns, social monitoring platforms, research, and oversight of creative and copy development. She arrived each day with a positive, can-do attitude that allowed us to work on some of the most challenging and time-sensitive engagements, while enjoying ourselves throughout the process.”
  • “The graduate student status of our Columbia University student brought a mature outlook to tackling projects making her conscientious and responsible for just about any assignment we gave her. She had the unique ability to quickly understand a client assignment, assess the team’s strengths, and see where she could add value. She brought fresh thinking to each discussion. She also displayed a tremendous amount of initiative.”
  • “Our Columbia University student displayed a high degree of initiative in a busy department with a lot of projects going on simultaneously. She could execute and take the task to the next level without constant supervision.”
  • “Our Columbia University student is proactive, intelligent, and dedicated. In her short time with us, she performed her role flawlessly and met all of the challenges presented with drive and thoughtfulness. We work in a fast-paced and noisy atmosphere, and she remained cool and focused throughout her full-time stay. She had the ambition to add value where she saw the opportunity.”
  • “As a marketing student, our Columbia University student has drafted, created, and posted social media content on various platforms; performed data analysis; worked with others to create strategies for supporter outreach through email and social media; worked to refine those strategies and then executed campaigns based on this work. She radiates professionalism, has a diligent approach to meeting deadlines, and conducts herself with confidence and maturity.”
  • “Our Columbia University student exceeded expectations in all categories. She was willing and able to take on tasks that were assigned to her explicitly as well as take broader directional guidance and make thoughtful decisions on her own in order to achieve the desired goal. She worked on Big Data related marketing projects including blogs, assets and website reviews and event project management and the creation and execution of our social media content and communication tool.”
  • “Our first student from Columbia University quickly became a star. The entire team has depended on her for various updates and has even felt comfortable enough with her work to allow her to speak to some of our clients without supervision.”