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Tuition & Fees

For Undergraduate and Graduate Visiting Students

Summer Session tuition is listed by student category on the Summer Sessions website.

The number of points a course is worth is listed next to the course title on the course listings or in the course details in the Directory of Classes. Many of our courses are worth 3 points each, although the precise point total varies.

Tuition and fees may be subject to change and approval by the Board of Trustees.

Individual Courses: Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023
Points (Credits) Tuition
Tuition per Credit


Tuition Calculation Example – Individual Courses

Student enrolled in 12 points (typically equivalent to 4 courses):

$2,274.00 per points × 12 points = $27,288.00


This listing is intended to summarize possible charges that could be incurred against a student's account. Certain charges depend upon specific circumstances, as noted. Fees that are not billed to the student account, such as course fees or placement test fees, may be required but are not listed here.