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Insurance Management

Drive the evolution of the insurance industry.

Insurance touches every corner of modern life. It's the means by which businesses can take the risks that allow for innovation and growth and boost the global economy. The insurance industry is undergoing dramatic changes, as the explosion of data generates new challenges and opportunities for managing risk, developing new markets and serving existing ones.

The proactive leadership of an insurance enterprise requires a holistic understanding of the relationships between multi-disciplinary, cross-functional units. Management needs to adjust traditional business methodologies by embracing disruptive elements like new laws, technology advancements, and data analytics in order to innovate competitively and satisfy market demands for risk solutions.

Columbia University’s Master of Professional Studies in Insurance Management will launch in Fall 2020 as the only program of its kind in the Ivy League. It is designed to prepare a new generation of professionals to lead the transformation of insurance management, blending advanced industry knowledge with strategic and operational expertise.

Fast Facts

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50% Up to 50% of the current insurance workforce will start retiring within 10 - 15 years, during which many management-level positions will become available. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Jacobson Group)
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1.7 MB per second 1.7 Megabytes of data will be generated each second of every day for every person by 2020, an explosion of data from which enterprising insurance industry leaders will find new opportunities. (IDC)
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$1 Billion Investors committed more than $1 billion in InsurTech businesses in 2019, evidencing the market’s demand for modern improvements to the traditional insurance business model. Higher investments have been reported each quarter. (Willis Towers Watson)
Program Options
Program Option Required Experience Course Formats Time Commitment
Master of Professional Studies (part-time)

Five years of professional experience

Online asynchronous instruction

Four consecutive terms

Applied research project

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