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Are you agile? “Agility” describes the difficult-to-achieve state where employees can confidently realize objectives and goals amid rapidly changing circumstances.  

Throughout the academic year, Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies convenes experts from industry, academia, and the public sector to discuss “Agility 2.0: Digital Technology, Data, People, and Relationships,” a five-part series that addresses how organizations can leverage their expertise alongside evolving tools and unforeseen events to successfully navigate our increasingly complex world. 


Upcoming Events

Focusing with Multiple Lenses


Featuring Faculty and Guest Speakers from Human Capital ManagementInformation and Knowledge StrategyNegotiation and Conflict Resolution, and Technology Management 

The programs come together for an interdisciplinary panel, "Focusing with Multiple Lenses," to discuss the systemic nature of the demands of today’s workplace and how they impact structures, processes, platforms, and people.

Past Events

Digital Transformation and the Future of Work

NOVEMBER 17, 6:00–7:00 p.m. ET

Featuring Faculty from Technology Management 

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Human capital leaders and corporate executives are struggling to wield the full potential of digital technologies to help attract and retain skilled talent, rethink different types of employment relationships, and create diverse workplaces. This workshop discusses how companies can build digital platforms for global workforces to tap into multiple sources of qualified and underutilized workers. Arthur Langer, Professor of Professional Practice and Director of the Technology Management program, will lead a discussion on digital transformation and the future of work. 

Learning Agility: Missions for Climate, Childhood, and Social Change

JANUARY 26, 2022

Featuring Faculty and Guest Speakers from Information and Knowledge Strategy

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This event in our Agility 2.0 series will focus on vital and complex initiatives, from a global collaboration of government agencies to launch the James Webb Space Telescope, to working with corporate partners and families to improve early childhood health, to teaming up with power utilities to provide greener living in New York. Panelists from NASA, Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, and Sidewalk Labs will join us to discuss leadership in the age of knowledge, learning, and agility. What does it take to design global missions? How do you get started on a complex and uncertain program, where there are no clear answers, yet pressure for results? How do you measure and manage success amongst multiple stakeholders and outcomes? And finally, how are these complex programs engines of societal learning and knowledge?

Is an Agile Culture Even Possible?

MARCH 31, 2022

Featuring Faculty and Guest Speakers from Human Capital Management

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To be agile in a complex, rapidly changing world, organizations need to address culture on multiple levels, and simultaneously:  

Leadership. How do leaders provide structure and direction while supporting empowerment, latitude and employee preferences?

Management. In an unpredictable world, how finite and specific are business goals and what happens when goals are not met? How do Human Capital Management policies balance the need for clarity and equity vs customizing policies to address evolving business needs and diverse employee demographics and preferences?

Personal. How do leaders and employees deal with continual change and stress—do they see this as an opportunity or do they "double down" on accumulating and demonstrating power? Do they emphasize inclusiveness and diversity of opinions and approaches? How do perceptions of "psychological safety" affect employees' willingness to be agile and take risks? 

Agility in the Moment


Featuring Faculty and Guest Speakers from Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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Agility in the conflict resolution field is crucial when quick decisions can have large-scale consequences–  whether it’s a shift in workplace culture, the change of course on a program, or when global events impact carefully laid out strategies. Leaders representing different sectors within the conflict resolution field will discuss the role of agility in their work and what practices and experiences have helped them develop this critical skill. 


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For questions regarding the series or accessing any of the sessions, please contact sps-events [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu (sps-events[at]columbia[dot]edu).

For additional information about this event or program offerings at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies, please visit our website or contact an Admissions Counselor at 212-854-9666 or inquire [[at]] sps [[dot]] columbia [[dot]] edu (inquire[at]sps[dot]columbia[dot]edu).