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Learning Agility: Missions for Climate, Childhood, and Social Change

This event in our Agility 2.0 series will focus on vital and complex initiatives, from a global collaboration of government agencies to launch the James Webb Space Telescope, to working with corporate partners and families to improve early childhood health, to teaming up with power utilities to provide greener living in New York. Panelists from NASA, Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, and Sidewalk Labs will join us to discuss leadership in the age of knowledge, learning, and agility. What does it take to design global missions? How do you get started on a complex and uncertain program, where there are no clear answers, yet pressure for results? How do you measure and manage success amongst multiple stakeholders and outcomes? And finally, how are these complex programs engines of societal learning and knowledge?


Aseel Buhaji, '20SPS, Head of Global Knowledge Transfer, Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority

Gregory Robinson, Program Director, NASA James Webb Space Telescope

Tameka Vasquez, '16SPS, Head of Marketing, Sidewalk Labs (an Alphabet Company) 


Ed Hoffman, Ph.D., Lecturer, M.S. in Information & Knowledge Strategy; CEO, Learning Strategies LLC; Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

For questions about this event, please contact Michael Karbowiak, mk3866 [[at]] columbia [[dot]] edu.

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A recording of the event will be available for those who have registered but are not able to attend.