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Spring 2021 Advisory

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An Unlikely Match: New Columbia SPS e-Mentor Program Connects Sports Management Student with Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Alumnus

In just his first term as a student in Columbia’s M.S. in Sports Management program, Liev Silva-Boone is already proactively taking advantage of opportunities, including the very first e-Mentor program, a 3-month series of virtual career advice sessions connecting high-performing alumni with students seeking to gain more professional experience in their chosen fields. He recently spoke with us about the benefits of his unlikely pairing with Negotiation and Conflict Resolution alumnus Hans Kohler as well as his career aspirations.

What compelled you to sign up for the e-Mentor program?

I strongly believe that every person must be intentional about the effort they put into nurturing and developing their success. When I saw the opportunity to be part of the e-Mentor program, I knew I could not let it pass me by. Today’s climate makes connecting with new individuals a challenge; this program gave me an opportunity to not only expand my network but to also get to know an individual on both a professional and personal level.

Who was your mentor? What was the most rewarding or surprising part of the e-Mentorship?

Hans Kohler, '15SPS, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, is the e-Mentor I was matched with. It was a treat to spend time learning from and being challenged by someone with his perspective, which can be quite relevant to the sports business. It’s been a natural, organic relationship which is great as it has allowed me the freedom to openly express myself and speak candidly about my goals and plan of action.

What led you to pursue an M.S. in Sports Management? Why from Columbia, specifically?

I decided to stop limiting myself in terms of what professional areas I was good in. I decided to give myself a proper chance to branch out and see what would happen. My goal is to empower myself by expanding my knowledge of the sports business in new areas, including its financial areas, and enhancing my overall skillset.

I initially planned to attend another university, but when I heard that Columbia was doing everything it could to have in-person classes, I changed my mind. Many schools canceled classes long before the start of the term while Columbia made a commitment and saw it through. That is what made me choose to go here. So far, so good.

What are your career aspirations after graduation?

My goal is to work in a development and strategy role with an international component. Having been fortunate enough to travel and live abroad, I have seen the economic and social significance of sports. I would love to help tennis to gain and/or maintain relevance in places like Eastern Europe. Ultimately, to be in a position of influence that allows me to consistently help others in the sport and business industry is my ultimate aspiration.

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