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In Their Own Words: Four Ways Columbia’s Actuarial Science Program Sets Students Apart

Four students and alumni from the M.S. in Actuarial Science program at Columbia University share the impact of the program on their careers and personal development. 

Ziyu Liu - An Integral Connection to Internships

In addition to a variety of flexible core and elective courses, the Actuarial Science program has been an integral connection to internships that are required for full-time employment in her chosen industry. 

“Columbia University got me interviews with companies,” Liu said. “I got a lot of interviews and an internship offer through this program. It really depends on the program’s reputation and my professors’ assistance. ”

Eric Stewart - A Pathway to Jobs in the Industry

Eric Stewart graduated from the Actuarial Science program in 2015. He came to New York to pursue a career in an applied mathematics field but found his calling in Actuarial Science. It was actually through one of his professors that Stewart found his first job in actuarial science:

“One of my professors actually got my first job in actuarial science at a software company that does rating systems for big companies, like Cigna and Prudential,” Stewart said. “I was on a project doing the rating engine for Prudential, and now I am there continuing that work. It was my foundation at Columbia that gave me the ability to do that.”

Yong Li - Hands-on Aid in Changing Your Career

 Yong Li, a student in the M.S. in Actuarial Science program, says the program is a perfect springboard to help students change their careers into the actuarial field. 

“At Columbia, we have this particularly fantastic seminar called pro-seminar where industry leaders talk about their fields (consulting firms, CEOs, Presidents),” Li said. “I can’t describe how many people I know who have used this to network and leverage that connection into an internship and full-time job.”

Angela Wang - A True Sense of Community

Angela Wang, a student in the M.S. in Actuarial Science program, has felt enveloped in the actuarial community and network of peers ever since she started her studies.

“The first minute you come in, you feel like you are engaged with the community,” Wang said. “There are so many great people, faculty here. You might meet someone from all over the world who might be working as an accountant or in engineering, but now we’re here all working toward the same goal of being an actuary.”

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