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Anastasia Shubareva: Strengthening Communication Skills for a Global Market

Anastasia Shubareva (’18SPS, Strategic Communication) was born in Russia and moved to Germany when she was six. She grew up experiencing two completely different cultures, which cultivated an interest in multicultural understanding at a young age.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, and Communication from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, she transformed her childhood interest into a passion for global marketing. Shubareva has worked in corporate and nonprofit agencies and hopes to continue strengthening her skillset through the Master of Science in Strategic Communication program at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.

What initially attracted you to the program?

After gaining a very theoretical understanding of the communication field during my bachelor studies, I was looking to deepen my knowledge by gaining more hands-on practical experience. Therefore, I was really drawn to the program due to its applied focus and the vast professional experience of all the professors. Likewise, I was instantly interested in the option to do a summer internship in New York City and the variety of elective courses.

What skills did you build and improve on through the program?

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I remember starting my first full-time job in London, where I was given the simple task of writing a blog post. However, since I was only used to reading and writing academic papers, I struggled to write in a simple and concise manner. Luckily, I can say with confidence today that I wouldn’t have the same problem. Through various assignments, presentations, and group activities, the program has really given me the skills necessary to be successful in a professional setting. From writing blog posts, creating crisis and cross-cultural communication plans, to delivering a manifold business and communication strategy for a corporate client in our final project, the program has helped me to understand the complexity of the communication industry and given me the tools necessary to succeed in every area.

“The program has helped me to understand the complexity of the communication industry and given me the tools necessary to succeed in every area.”

How have these skills helped you succeed at your job?

While interning in the marketing department of the Metropolitan Opera over the summer, I was surprised to discover that the team was following the exact same strategy to create a communication plan for the upcoming season that we learned in our Strategic Communication Management course. Being able to follow their train of thought allowed me to fully participate in all meetings and translate my ideas into strategic implementations. Likewise, the course The Reflective Leader was definitely one of my favorites since it allowed me to gain a very insightful understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses. I have found it to be invaluable to not only be able to talk without hesitation about my skills in job interviews but also to clearly identify what kind of roles will fulfill me and help me succeed on my career path.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I absolutely love New York City and am therefore currently interviewing with several global companies for marketing and communication positions. Although the market is very competitive and particularly challenging for international students, I truly think that the strenuous process is worth it since it will allow me to experience working in the headquarters of a multinational company.

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