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December 3
JAMA Letter from Bioethics Alum Revisits Research on Separating Adopted Twins at Birth

December 3
On the Learn for Life Podcast: Bioethics Academic Director Dr. Robert Klitzman

December 3
Dr. Robert Klitzman Urges Regulatory Action on Gene Editing in Carnegie Council Podcast

November 26
Bioethics Alum’s Medical Startup Secures Agreement for NASA Tech

November 15
Science Writers Celebrate Bioethicist Dr. Robert Klitzman’s ‘Designing Babies’

November 12
Arjun Mann: Building a Strong Foundation For Medical School

October 28
Scott Korotkin: An Ethical Path to Medical School

October 21
Bioethics Academic Director Robert Klitzman on the Need for a Sperm Donor Registry

September 17
"Designing Babies" by Dr. Robert Klitzman

September 8
Alumna Bela Fishbeyn Leads the American Journal of Bioethics

September 5
Bioethics Advisory Board Member to Lead Health Care Ethics at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

September 3
Before Med School, Bioethics Student Ali Schulz Is Writing Vital Work on Ethical Treatment in Nursing Homes

August 16
Research Ethics Challenges at Universities

August 16
Research Involving Terminal Cancer Patients Causes Controversy

August 16
Genetic Engineering is Transforming Research Ethics

July 30
Physician Aid-in-Dying Laws Spread Throughout U.S.

July 23
Dr. Seth Waldman’s Quest for Ethics in Pain Management

May 20
Dr. Robert Klitzman, Top Experts to Explore Ethics in Biotech Venture Investing

May 6
Dr. Craig Blinderman Discusses the Ethics of Palliative Care

May 6
Katrina Hui Applies Bioethics in Medical School and Beyond

May 6
Marilyn Eshikena: Science and Beyond

May 6
Jane Kang: At CUMC, Paying Forward Her Bioethics Knowledge

May 6
Molly Lucas, Bioethics Student, Researches Addiction

May 6
Getting a Job and Getting Into Med School with a Bioethics Degree

March 18
Dr. Robert Klitzman: "Smart" Pills are Here and We Need to Consider the Risks

January 3
Kira Peikoff and Robert Klitzman on Home Genetic Testing