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Fall 2020 Advisory

Find the latest information on SPS's plans for the Fall and University resources. COVID-19 Resource Guide.
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Spring Intake Available.

Applications for Spring 2021 are now open.  See admissions deadlines.
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Additional Offerings & Resources

The advancement of biotechnology and biomedicine has far outpaced our laws, public policy, economics, and culture. Society will look to a new generation of leaders in all of these fields to understand, make sense of, and bring ethical order to the new and complex dilemmas that advancements such as stem cell research and genetic modification will pose. 

Whether you plan to become a medical doctor, lawyer, epidemiologist or business executive, a deep understanding of bioethics can benefit not only your career but also society at large. Columbia University's Bioethics M.S. program offers information, advising, and special events to guide students seeking a range of post-graduation career and educational plans, including medical and law school. 

Executive Education

Are you a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company leader seeking to gain a deeper understanding of how bioethics intersects with your business? Contact our Director of Executive Education to learn about our noncredit, interactive educational program designed specifically for business executives.

Careers in Bioethics Lecture Series

The Careers in Bioethics Lecture Series brings noted bioethicists, academics, authors, and medical professionals to Columbia’s campus for lectures, book readings, and panel discussions focused on the intersection of their work and bioethics. Recordings of speaker talks from previous events are available.

Bioethics for Premeds

Multiple mini-interviews are one of the most rigorous components of the medical school admissions process. Columbia's Bioethics M.S. program provides events and complementary resources for premed students to practice and excel at them, placing an emphasis on ethical principles and decision-making.