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Bioethics for Premeds

Premedical students face many bioethical issues, including shadowing physicians, working in labs, and taking the Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs) many medical schools now use. The Columbia University Master of Science in Bioethics program is pleased to provide this page of resources to help premed students address these complex issues.

Prepare for Multiple Mini-Interviews

The study of bioethics can prepare premed students to excel at MMIs by instilling in them the principles of ethics, a framework in which they can analyze and make ethical decisions, the means to weigh and resolve competing ethical principles, and processes for solving ethical conflicts. Here are three free resources to aid students in the MMI:

Free MMI Prep Resources

Program Options in Bioethics

Many premed students may be interested in further study of the complex bioethical issues in clinical medicine and research to help them navigate the challenges they will face as physicians. Columbia University offers a master’s program in bioethics (12 courses/36 points) that can be completed within one calendar year (or 3 terms: fall, spring, and summer). We also offer a certification in bioethics (4 courses/12 points) which can be completed in two terms (fall and spring) and which can also be completed completely online. In addition, we offer a range of individual courses online.

Master of Science

  • On-campus and online instruction
  • Part-time or Full-time program
  • 36 points for degree completion3-6 terms to complete
  • Fall and spring intake 

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Certification of Professional Achievement

  • Online instruction only
  • Part-time program
  • 12 points for completion
  • 2 terms to complete
  • Fall and spring intake 

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Online Noncredit Courses

  • Online instruction only
  • 3 points per course
  • Fall and spring intake
  • Certain prerequisites may apply

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