Our Postbaccalaureate programs offer qualified individuals with bachelor’s degrees the opportunity to pursue their goals as part of the Columbia community. University undergraduate and graduate courses in over 100 areas of study provide postbaccalaureate students the opportunity to study with Columbia's distinguished faculty alongside matriculated degree candidates. Working with advisers at the School of Professional Studies, each student develops a plan of study tailored to his or her background and academic goals, drawing from options ranging from highly structured to very flexible.

Certificates and Certifications of Professional Achievement

For students seeking a prescribed curriculum to pursue their academic, career advancement, or even career change goals, our certificates and Certifications of Professional Achievement (CPAs) offer structured curricula in areas such as Bioethics, Biology, Biotechnology, Business, Classics, Ecology, Human Rights, International Relations, Psychology, Quantitative Studies for Finance, and Sustainability.

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Graduate Preparation

For students who wish to pursue graduate work, Columbia University provides excellent options for strengthening an application and developing skills, as well as receiving graduate school application advising and support. Students may choose their own set of courses in a wide variety of subject areas, or choose a certificate or CPA program for more structure in their graduate preparation.

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University Courses

For some students, a unique program of study is most effective for meeting their goals. Postbaccalaureate Studies students choose a single concentration built from a selection of one or more University undergraduate and graduate courses. Course plan advising is provided on an individual basis, ensuring that students pursue a rigorous program of study appropriate to their academic, professional, and personal goals.

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Application Deadlines

International Students July 15
Domestic Students August 15
International Students November 15
Domestic Students January 5


Summer Visiting Students

Visiting students who are interested in studying in the summer should refer to the Columbia Summer website.

“I knew exactly what I needed as a bridge from my undergraduate degree to the Ph.D. degree I was seeking. Now I’ve found a program where I can invent what I want to study, and have access to just about every class at Columbia University. I don’t think a lot of schools understand the demand for innovation coming from my generation. The Postbaccalaureate program allows me to reinvent the person I want to be, and invent the program that would suit the person I want to be.”Nicole Zeng