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Student Government Elects 21 New Representatives

Twenty-one students were recently elected to join the SPS Student Government (SPSSG) as Student Representatives, Students-at-Large, and Columbia University Student Senator. The mission of SPSSG is to create a unified community for students across all SPS programs. The elected officials not only represent each master's program, but the student body at large as well. Their job: advocate for students before the SPS administration, faculty, alumni, and the greater Columbia University community.

Student Representatives serve as liaisons between students and the faculty and the administration. The goal is to help improve the quality of students’ academic, professional, social, and personal development while at SPS. They also advocate for the incorporation of student opinions in the formulation of policies at SPS—and take on the responsibility for promoting and funding student-initiated programs. Students-At-Large serve with the same privileges and responsibilities as Student Representatives. The Columbia University Student Senator, for instance, represents SPS at Columbia University Senate hearings. The Senate is a University-wide legislature that represents faculty, students, and other constituencies and makes policy on a range of issues that affect the entire University. or more than one school. Trustee concurrence is required for acts of the Senate. 

Congratulations to all newly elected and returning members! Names with an asterisk indicate who was elected this fall. Follow SPSSG on SPS Engage to learn more about the officers, sign up for upcoming events like student forums, and find other ways to get involved.

Student Representatives

  • Zihao Zhao*  |  Actuarial Science
  • Meghna Jayakrishnan*  |  Applied Analytics
  • Beverly Gu*  |  Bioethics
  • Pallavi Tripathi*  |  Construction Administration
  • Zeji Wang*  |  Enterprise Risk Management
  • Jailen Garrett*  |  Human Capital Management
  • Khrizya Gastelum*  |  Information & Knowledge Strategy
  • Warren Ting*  |  Insurance Management
  • Christina Kingsberry*  |  Narrative Medicine
  • Maya Viswa*  |  Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Elena Wilson*  |  Nonprofit Management
  • Maniha Hashmi*  |  Sports Management
  • Adith Shabarish*  |  Sustainability Management
  • Zoe Racette*  |  Sustainability Science
  • Vandita Verma*  |  Technology Management


  • Angelina Fung*  | Nonprofit Management
  • Armani Miller Jackson*  |  Wealth Management
  • Samreen Samreen*  |  Sustainability Management
  • Rafa Sattar*  |  Nonprofit Management 
  • Zakiyah Stirrup*  |  Human Capital Management

Columbia University Senator

  • Camilo Garcia*  |  Construction Administration

The new representatives join the executive board and fellow representatives who were elected in previous terms.

  • Caitlin Lasher, President  |  Nonprofit Management
  • Elizabeth Ndungu, Vice President  |  Information & Knowledge Strategy
  • Roman Damaso, Secretary  |  Information & Knowledge Strategy
  • Rebecca Grinberg, Treasurer  |  Bioethics
  • Boris Koehoorn, Strategic Communication Student Representative
  • Michael McMahon, Wealth Management Student Representative  
  • Student-At-Large: Walker Borders  |  Wealth Management
  • Student-At-Large:  Weijia Li  |  Technology Management
  • Student-At-Large:  Allison Reser  |  Sustainability Management
  • Student-At-Large: Ruohan Wang  |  Applied Analytics
  • Student-At-Large:  Ziyi Weng  |  Applied Analytics
Headshots of the Fall 2022 SPS Student Government (1)
Headshots of the Fall 2022 SPS Student Government (2)