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An Insurance Management Perspective on a Risk Management Podcast

Teresa Chan, Director of the Master’s program in Insurance Management at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies, was recently interviewed by RIMScast, the official Risk and Insurance Management Society podcast. In this episode, Chan describes her professional background, path toward becoming a Director at Columbia, and how the Insurance Management program was built.

“I drove the creation of the program, but on top of the incredible team that we had at the university, one of the first things that I did, which was the most important, was pull together the faculty, all of whom are professionals with twenty-five to thirty years of experience in the industry. We were able to pull together all of their contacts and reach out to the industry to find out what they felt was needed for students who would want to attend our master’s program.”

The podcast then continues on the topic of exemplary applicants and passion for insurance management. 

“We are all incredibly passionate about the industry that we have built our lives and careers around…Our interest is being able to download 300+ years of work experience to emerging leaders and people who are looking for that next great role they are going to take in the industry and give them a head start.” 

To listen to the full episode on RIMScast, visit the link here.