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Spring 2021 Advisory

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Emily Kauls: The Value of Networking for Insurance Management Professionals

Although it has only been a few months since she started the program, Emily Kauls, a student in Columbia’s Insurance Management Master’s program, describes her experience as “wonderful.” “Even though we are just a semester in, it's apparent that the curriculum was put together in a very thoughtful way,” she says.

What she appreciates the most about the program is the access to faculty members who are leading industry professionals, bringing their years of experience in the world of insurance management to the table and creating an environment where practical applications are on par with theory. For Kauls, this opportunity to interact with real-life professionals with a long track record of success in the insurance sector also gave her a chance to apply the knowledge gained in class to the product she works on outside of the classroom, as well.

“The faculty brings extensive and applicable real-world knowledge to the table,” says Kauls. “That has really helped me broaden my insurance horizons. Their expertise has proven to be instrumental in evolving my work product as well.”

To Kauls, the true value of the program is not limited to the academics and in-classroom experiences. In her eyes, the Insurance Management program stands out with its ability to foster a nurturing environment for peer-to-peer relationships, networking with other industry professionals, and connecting with experts beyond the insurance sector.

“I really appreciated hearing from so many across the insurance industry,” she says. “And this program has continued to provide great opportunities to meet other industry professionals outside of my immediate sphere of insurance.” 

With her positive experience, Emily encourages others to consider joining the program, in order to access the same valuable resources that have already helped her so early into the academic year. 

“I'm very happy that I decided to enroll in this program, and I urge others to do the same.”


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