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Disruption in Wealth Management with Matthias Kuhlmey

Matthias Paul Kuhlmey, lecturer in Columbia University’s Wealth Management program, and Chief Development Officer of holistic wealth management firm Hightower, discusses various disruptive trends in the industry during an interview with FrazerRice.

Kuhlmey is a capital markets expert and socio-economic observer with over twenty-five years of experience. During the podcast interview, Kuhlmey offers advice for working with clients who are demanding more value from their firms due to the rapidly changing financial environment. 

“Often, we consider disruption identical to innovation, in the technological sense. However, disruption occurs when the underdog firms challenge the industry–often by catering to clients that are no longer being served adequately by bigger firms.”

Kuhlmey goes on to talk about channels such as the growth of the independent space and digitization that are becoming meaningful and contributing to year-over-year growth. To learn more, listen to the podcast here.