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Connecting Business and Academia in the Hub of Miami

Miami is the capital of the American Mediterranean Sea—a powerful hub that connects the U.S. with the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South Americas.

SPS is strengthening our network in Miami to join this rich cultural center and crucial world region to pursue opportunities, while improving our academic offerings in the process.

This week, I’m traveling with our Executive Director and Faculty of Communication, Dr. Rebecca ‘Becky’ Heino, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Erik Nelson, to meet with SPS alumni in Miami. The experience this group holds is striking in its diversity--Miami has quite a unique economy, and our graduates’ career paths reflect that.

Our Sports Management, Fundraising Management, and Strategic Communications programs have historically been the most popular among our Miami alumni. These grads are working for some of the leading brands in hospitality, tourism, and real estate. We have alumni in management leadership positions across multiple sports leagues throughout the region. We also have alumni working in a variety of nonprofit organizations in the area. Sustainability is poised to be a huge growth area in this region, and SPS has big plans to work concurrently with Miami businesses on the green frontier.

Becky Heino joined SPS recently, coming from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown. She is an expert in management communication, leading change, and leadership development--an area very close to my own. She will play a fundamental role leading our Communications Practice, Strategic Communications, and Narrative Medicine programs, teaching our students how to take on and champion management roles in any field.

I asked Becky what she found unique about SPS, that led her to make the move to New York. She notes, “The strength of SPS is that we offer Master’s degrees based on academic thought leadership and also on the cutting edge of their professional field. Our graduates are prepared to lead across a variety of industries.”

If your SPS experience has helped propel your career, I hope you’ll consider recommending a colleague you feel would also take advantage of our range of programs. Please do stay up to date on all that’s happening at SPS by following us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook, and connect worldwide with the 320,000 Columbia Alumni at