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Art Matters Event Explores Art and Storytelling in Health Care

Columbia University Medical Center News covered Art Matters, a collaboration between the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Frick Collection that brings first-year medical students to the museum for a night of art education, food, and socializing.

Deepthiman Gowda, MD, director of clinical practice in the Program in Narrative Medicine shared his thoughts on the intersection of art and medicine: “We’re told that art and science are different. But medical practice is about interpreting very complex and nuanced details—the same way you’d interpret a piece of art. It requires an ability to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. Creativity is an essential part of being a clinician. Sometimes the solutions we need to solve the problems of today and tomorrow can’t be found in a textbook. We’re naming creativity as an explicit part of delivering quality health care.”

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