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International Summer Coursework

One of the many ways in which Columbia University’s M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program prepares its students for success as conflict resolution practitioners is by providing real-world peacebuilding experiences through summer practicum courses, formerly known as the International Fieldwork Experience. Students have the opportunity to gain experience by working with and learning from professionals already in the field. Students have worked in-person in South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Israel and Jordan, Uganda, and remotely in North America.

In Summer 2024, NECR will offer two international fieldwork courses in Colombia (led by Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Joan C. Lopez) and Japan (led by Dr. Josh Fisher), as well as a local fieldwork course in New York City (led by Dr. Peter Dixon).

See the below video on our work in Colombia to learn more about our approach to fieldwork. 

Please note that these courses are open to Columbia University graduate students only. 

NECR 5240: Practicum in Peacebuilding (Colombia)

**Applications for Summer 2024 are closed. The 2/21 deadline has passed. This is a fieldwork practicum course that explores peacebuilding through a social transformation lens. Students will explore some of the ways peacebuilding is experienced in Colombia, a country that has witnessed the longest internal violent conflict of the western hemisphere. Peacebuilding in Colombia has been approached in two fundamental ways: one of these ways is top-down and another way is the ongoing peacebuilding practices that happen at the community level. This is a type of peacebuilding that develops organically and creatively as conflicts escalate; in this case, communities come together to respond peacefully to the effects of war that disrupts their personal and social lives. This course explores these two approaches both theoretically and empirically. During this course, students will engage with peacebuilding actors in the field, listen to their stories, and collectively map out the dynamics leading and sustaining peacebuilding in their communities. NECR students will share the classrooms and field visits with students from the master’s program in peacebuilding at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, allowing participants to have a rich local experience and to exchange knowledge and practice through cross-cultural perspectives. 


  • First three weeks of July: required pre-departure course module (online asynchronous & possibly online synchronous) & online meetings with instructors as needed
  • Monday, July 22nd - Wednesday, July 31st: Required, full-day course dates in Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín, and third location TBA)
  • Travel dates: arrival in Bogotá on Sunday, July 21st - departure from Medellín on Thursday, August 1st

NECR 5260: Clinic on Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management (Japan)

**Applications for Summer 2024 are closed. The 2/21 deadline has passed. This is a fieldwork clinic course that explores environmental sustainability through peacebuilding and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students will explore how SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions) enables better social and environmental outcomes in work to pursue other related SDGs in the context of Japan. This course will be held in partnership with Hiroshima University and will take place on their campus and in adjacent field sites. During this course, students will engage with public, private, and civil society groups working on environmental management and sustainability. Students will share the classrooms and field visits with students from Hiroshima University, allowing participants to have a rich local experience and to exchange knowledge and practice through cross-cultural perspectives. Lectures and some field visits will be accompanied by local experts, peacebuilders, and Hiroshima University faculty.


  • Pre-Departure Course Dates: Thursday, July 11 & Thursday, July 18, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm ET via Zoom
  • Course Dates in Japan: Thursday, August 1st - Friday, August 9th
  • Travel Dates: arrive in Hiroshima by Wednesday, July 31st -  depart Hiroshima by Saturday, August 10th

NECR 5270: Social Justice and Conflict Resolution: An NYC Perspective (New York City)

**Applications for Summer 2024 are now open. This is an intensive fieldwork course in NYC with a focus on the role of social justice in conflict resolution analysis and practice. The seminar will explore the historical and theoretical intersections between the fields of social justice and conflict resolution. Using New York City as a living case study, the course will blend academic inquiry with experiential learning to offer students an in-depth understanding of how these fields intersect in theory and practice, emphasizing the unique challenges and opportunities present in NYC. Students will visit a selection NYC-based social justice organizations, enabling them to: observe firsthand the work of social justice organizations and movements; engage in discussions with activists, organizers, leaders and practitioners; and reflect on the interplay between theory and practice.


  • Monday 6:10-8:00pm on June 10th (on-campus)
  • Tuesdays 6:10-8:00pm (on-campus) from June 18th - July 16th (on-campus)
  • Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm on July 13th (NYC fieldwork locations)
  • Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm on July 14th (NYC fieldwork locations)