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Tanya Deegoju

Construction Administration Program Representative, SPS Student Government


"Tanya, the choices you make decide the outcomes you face." This is what my physics teacher told me once. I’m a very simple person who loves to laugh and be happy. I work very hard and am extremely curious. I was always a multifaceted, creative and collaborative student with a distinction-grade science major until high school. The only tough choice I ever had to make was about my course of career after. So, I took his advice and, today I am proud of what I chose, because it has led me here. I’m an Architect and am pursuing Masters in construction administration. I chose this industry trusting my own creative self, my all-round management skills and the opportunities available in a developing country like India. Clearly, it indeed was a right place for me to use my curious thoughts, scientific temperament and innate managerial qualities for real development. Today, as a proud founder of Oculus Design Studio and co-founder of a non-profit organization called TORCH, I see my vision of a smarter, safer and sustainable built environment and a culturally rich society developing to clear goals everyday. I grow with associations and my visions grow with them. Isn’t investment in humans and relationships the best investment after all?

I’ve always strived to get the best knowledge from the best schools and teachers, I’ve worked to get the best experience from novel opportunities and best connections from great interactions. I sincerely believe a person needs to do nothing but uphold self-respect, kindness and honesty in personal and professional life to be successful. I am bold and confident because I speak what I believe is smart and I’m emotional and sensitive because I feel what I say and hear. I love my duality and I am proud of it!