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Prithvi Aravind

Student Intern, Career Design Lab

Prithvi Aravind is a returning student Intern at the Career Design Lab and a graduate student in the Construction Administration Program, in her final year, expected to graduate in December 2020. 

Prithvi has worked as an Architect and Project coordinator on various projects ranging from Urban Design and Development, sustainable architecture to residential projects in ecologically sensitive areas in India working towards building resilient Himalayan Cities in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. She also worked as a research fellow researching on Architectural Heritage found in remote border towns in India. 

She completed her B.A. in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and has knowledge and experience about the Construction Industry in the US, India and the Middle-Eastern Gulf countries. She is passionate about the future of building infrastructure with sustainable development in mind to improve the built environment.

As an intern at CDL she assists in facilitating and developing careers of students within the Construction Industry with insight and market research into the myriad of opportunities in the Industry beyond construction and design with the scope for data, risk and supply chain management. 

She is actively involved with the students and Alumni from her Program to improve Industry relations and networking. She loves playing sports, especially Basketball and Table-Tennis, and is a passionate dancer.