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Fall Update

At SPS this fall, all courses, other than pre-established online courses, will be offered face-to-face in our New York City classrooms. Some of these face-to-face courses will be offered in the HyFlex format to ensure that all of our students can make progress toward their degree requirements, if faced with delays due to student visas or vaccination effectiveness wait times.
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Arnab Dash

Student Intern, Career Design Lab

Arnab Dash is currently a Student Intern at the Career Design Lab and a Graduate Student in the Applied Analytics program at Columbia University.

Prior to joining the graduate program, Dash worked as an experienced consultant and product management professional working with EY and KPMG. Currently, he focuses on building AI and analytics-based products that enable digital transformation and automation. 

Arnab leads two clubs at Columbia University, Product Management Club (PMC) and Analytics Consulting Group (ACG), inspiring innovative technologists in their journey to become Program Managers and Consultants with opportunities, resources to learn and explore.

He has an engineering and quantitative background from SRM University, Carnegie Mellon University, and London School of Economics, equipped with strong problem-solving skills and a solid foundation in programming, statistics, and business management.

As an intern at the CDL, he assists in gaining the latest industry insights by utilizing analytics-focused insights and market research that result in meaningful employment opportunities for students. Dash is an ardent traveler and photography enthusiast.