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Applications for 2024 Columbia Summer Session programs are now open!

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Welcoming Columbia’s Pre-College Program Back to Campus

Columbia’s Pre-College Program is excited to welcome students back to the Morningside campus this summer. In addition to offering ten new courses, across online and on-campus options, we are looking forward to an amazing variety of co-curricular opportunities for over 3,000 students joining us from all over the globe. All students will have the opportunity to connect with their teachers during our Faculty Lecture Series, which features exciting projects and research being conducted by our instructors. 

Ten new courses 

Some new courses that students will explore this summer include:

On campus 

  • Introduction to Anime
  • Environmental Justice: From the South Bronx to Indigenous Communities in the U.S. and Abroad
  • Confronting American-isms (Racism, Classism, Sexism)
  • American Extremism
  • Digital Media and Advertising
  • Explorations in Modern Literature
  • In the Twinkling of an Eye: A Philosophical Exploration of Time & Temporality
  • Shakespeare on the Page and on the Screen


  • Radical Skepticism, Reliability & Evidence: An Introduction to Epistemology
  • Introduction to Labor Studies

Interactive co-curriculars 

Residential and commuter students will benefit from a wide range of co-curricular activities outside the classroom, ranging from Broadway theater visits, walking tours, to our most anticipated event, the Student Life Extravaganza. The Extravaganza will feature opportunities for clubs, special excursions, giant lawn games, craft games, and much more. The program is also proud to continue offering several skill-building workshops including how to find the right college, build interview skills, brand yourself professionally, and develop leadership skills in a changing world.

Student safety and health

With over 200 staff members dedicated to the Pre-College programs this summer, student safety is one of our top priorities. Along with our team, we have collaborated closely with colleagues across the University to prepare an amazing summer experience for students on campus with their safety and wellbeing in mind. New campus and building access and city travel policies along with additional specialized training for faculty and staff will ensure that students thrive in a well-supervised environment while giving them room to grow creatively and socially during their summer experience.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to be fully vaccinated while attending Columbia’s Pre-College programs. While COVID-19 health protocols continue to evolve, we have taken steps to ensure that students remain healthy throughout the program, including updating classroom mask policies and enhanced community health training. Along with the wider University community, our program will continue to monitor changes to COVID-19 related issues and maintain communication with families throughout the summer.

I love seeing the growth of our students over the summer, and I love how transformative the experience is for these students and their families. I am excited to witness this year's cohort grow academically, professionally, and personally through our program offerings.