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Sustainability Science Lecturer Edward Garvey Discusses Oil Disinformation on Radio Canada

Sustainability Science Lecturer Edward Garvey, Ph.D. was on a recent episode of the Radio Canada television show Enquête (Investigation). The episode, “Oil: The Climate Double Talk,” explores allegations that oil giant “Exxon Mobile and its Canadian subsidiary Imperial (Esso) played a major role” in “efforts of disinformation” regarding the severity of the problem of climate change. Their team searched through archives and found those who were connected to the oil company at a time when it influenced Canadian policies. Dr. Garvey, an environmental geologist, began his career as a researcher at Exxon. In 2019, he testified before a Congressional committee that Exxon worked with Columbia scientists to conduct important research about the global carbon cycle and that the corporation was well aware of the risks of carbon emissions and the subsequent threat of climate change.

Watch the Radio Canada Enquête episode in full here, or in English here.