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The Secret to President Donald Trump's Success: Blame

Robert Klitzman, the program director of the M.S. in Bioethics, is also a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia, and this experience guides his latest CNN op-ed, "Donald Trump and the Psychology of Blame."

In this piece, Klitzman shows how President Trump was able to rise as an inexperienced politician, due to his way with narrative - especially on the campaign trail. Trump has a knack for the simplest explanation for complicated events, and in that way painted opponents as one-note villains.

As Klitzman writes, humans are primed for this kind of rhetoric, because "In the world of information overload, short attention spans, tweets and unvetted online "news," countless people lose track and become uncertain. The realities are far more complicated, but overly simplistic narratives stick -- partly because they mobilize rage."

Read the full piece at CNN and learn more about graduate programs in Bioethics.