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Scott Rosner on Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

Most Valuable Player of the National Football League, Super Bowl LIV champion and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first championship in 50 years. Sports Management Academic Director Scott Rosner discusses the football star's possible next moves and business opportunities. 

“His value as an endorser has gone up significantly in the last two years. Not only has his value gone up, but he has the ability to position himself in a number of different ways from a branding perspective," said Rosner. 

Rosner said Mahomes’ appeal lies in both his success on the field and his relatability and charisma.

“He’s got it,” Rosner said. “In many ways, he’s the type of athlete you think of as being directly from central casting as the face of a league.”

Rosner continued, “Mahomes will have the kind of leverage in the marketplace, not only from a dollars perspective but from a selectivity perspective, that 99.9% of professional athletes, if not more, can only dream of.”


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