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Robert Klitzman: How Fraud Underlies Anti-Vaccine Claims

In The Huffington Post, M.S. in Bioethics director Dr. Robert Klitzman notes that the link between vaccinations and autism is false.

"The recent measles outbreaks due to un-inoculated children are troubling not only because of the potential unnecessary deaths that can result, but also because of the massive research fraud and falsification involved," he writes. "Unfortunately many anti-vaccine parents mistakenly think that the scientific jury is out -- that some research suggested that vaccines cause autism, and that the theory is merely 'not yet proven,' that the question remains."

He goes on: "In reality, there are no lingering questions, and it is important to recognize that deviousness was involved in the mere suggestion of a link. Not only was there never any evidence to support the notion that the vaccination caused autism, the research that supposedly supported this link was in fact wholly fabricated. Unfortunately, the facts of this fraud get forgotten. Discussions occasionally mention that the research has been "discredited," but that description is in fact a massive understatement."

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