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Online Bioethics Certification Program Debuts in September

Beginning in September 2013, Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies will offer an online Bioethics Certification program comprised of four courses addressing critical issues concerning the ethical implications of advances in biology, biotechnology and biomedicine.

The courses, which were developed for Columbia’s Masters of Science in Bioethics, focus on key areas including: Foundations of Bioethics, Clinical Ethics, Research Ethics, and Global Bioethics. The curriculum is enhanced by its strong cross-disciplinary and global approach to bioethics. Students gain knowledge and important conceptual frameworks that prepare them to address complex bioethical dilemmas that arise in diverse professional and geographical settings.

“Bioethical issues are arising with more frequency both in the United States and throughout the world, and involve critical and profound ethical and moral dilemmas at the intersections of ethics, law, society, culture, public policy, philosophy, religion and economics,” notes Dr. Robert Klitzman, director of the Bioethics Certification and Graduate programs. “While scientific and technological advances have far outpaced our ability to understand or make key decisions about these issues, health care providers, researchers, lawyers, and policy-makers confront dilemmas of how to approach and address complex questions every day.”

Courses are offered online, making it possible for students throughout the world to study with distinguished leaders in the field, further widening the global network of professionals devoted to this burgeoning arena. The courses utilize live webinars, rich sets of multimedia, and collaborative course activities to create an online learning experience that is dynamic and highly participatory.

An online information session about the Bioethics Certification program and Master of Science program will be offered on Wednesday, May 1 at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). To RSVP and for more information about this program, visit the website, call 212-854-9666.