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Classes that begin the week of January 17 resume in-person instruction on January 31. Don’t forget to upload your booster documentation by January 31. Upload and learn more.
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Listen to a Post-Panel Faculty Discussion on Compelling Insurance Management Questions

Insurance Management faculty members recently came together for a post-panel discussion following the program’s recent live event, Insurance Management in Today's Complex World. The conversation was guided by top-of-mind topics and submitted questions from audience members. 

Topics ranged from the advantages large commercial brokers have when it comes to big data access, to climate change fears relative to private equity investment in coastal properties, to analyzing the role of technology in the development of insurance literacy for growing markets, such as Indonesia. The panelists also explored the pros and cons of insurance master’s degrees. 

Listen in on our faculty members discussing hot topics raised by the audience after the recent event, Insurance Management in a Complex World.