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Impact Story: Cameron Morris

Sports Management student Cameron Morris is already harnessing the connections he has made at Columbia to start his career in the sports business. He says that Columbia’s Sports Management master’s program best matched his goals and aspirations, and he is now developing relationships that will enhance the future of his professional path. 

What excited you about the Sports Management master's program at Columbia?

The esteemed faculty and staff was a huge selling point for me; the idea of being taught by industry leaders was very appealing. I was excited for the opportunity to show these accomplished individuals what I was capable of, and that I, too, aspire to be a leading industry professional.

I also believed that Columbia’s program would put me in the best position to achieve my goals. The curriculum fits my career aspirations much better than other programs, and I determined that a master’s degree from Columbia would be essential in achieving my professional goals. I knew my bachelor’s degree may not be enough to reach the c-suite level, and that Columbia would provide me a valuable education that would make those aspirations achievable.

I knew Columbia would change my life and the trajectory of my family’s lives for generations to come.”

How has your experience been? 

I have grown in ways I previously did not think were possible. The program has already helped me to jump-start my career. I have been able to enhance my leadership and communication skills by becoming the Co-President of the Black Sports Management Union. This opportunity has helped me expand my professional capabilities and also allowed me to help others advance their careers.

The relationships I’m developing and the knowledge I’m obtaining have helped me not only get my foot in the door but also stand out in my role. Going forward, the wealth of information and resources provided by the program will only help elevate my career.

What has been the most valuable part of the program for you?

My favorite aspect of the program is the network. It’s remarkable to be able to look at any area of the sports industry and see a current student, alumni, or staff member. Recently, a fellow classmate of mine introduced me to a member of the NBA League Office, where I now currently work! Our program truly produces greatness, and to be part of that tradition is an amazing feeling.

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Editor's Note: Updates (January 24, 2024)

  • Morris is currently working as Associate Manager, Game Review Analyst at the National Basketball Association, where he conducts daily reviews of NBA and WNBA games with a focus on officiating performance. He collects and analyzes data to improve referee performance across the leagues and identifies trends to improve the basketball live product and uphold the integrity of the game. 
  • Started as a Game Reviewer in NBA from March 2021 to October 2021, and then was promoted to his position as Associate Manager Senior Game Reviewer where he has been working full-time for over 2 years since October 2021.
  • In his journey, he was recognized in 2023 (June approx) as one of the Contributors of the Month for the League Operations department at the National Basketball Association (NBA). He thanks the Basketball Strategy & Analytics team for their impact on his professional and personal growth.
  • The highlight of his NBA career has been seeing the growth of the HBCU fellowship program and seeing the eager faces of those students who are ready to make an impact on the league.