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Health Affairs Reviews ‘The Ethics Police?’

Health Affairs, a healthcare- and policy-focused journal, has reviewed Robert Klitzman’s newest book, The Ethics Police?: The Struggle to Make Human Research Safe (Oxford University Press). In the book Klitzman, the director of the Bioethics master’s program, examines the ethics of institutional review boards (IRBs), the governing bodies responsible for approving human research.

The reviewer, William M. Sage, James R. Dougherty Chair for Faculty Excellence at the University of Texas School of Law and a professor of surgery and perioperative care at the Dell Medical School, both in Austin, wrote:

Overall, the book’s greatest strength is its thick description, not its prescription for reform. It offers an evolutionary instead of a revolutionary agenda for IRBs, emphasizing incremental change through self-awareness, education, and cookbooks for cooks who need them.

Read the full review on Health Affairs.