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The Greater Good Challenge Judge Eric Haller: Entrepreneurs Must Address Inequality

Eric Haller, EVP and Global Head of Experian DataLabs, an alum of the Technology Management program, and member of the SPS Board of Overseers, will join the team of judges for The Greater Good Challenge, a business pitch competition hosted by the Career Design Lab and made possible with support from the Beba Foundation and Turkish Philanthropy Funds

Haller offers his advice for contestants looking to affect change with their business ideas, and stresses the need for entrepreneurship to address to the growing inequities in society.  

We are living through unprecedented times. What do you see as a big or interesting opportunity for contestants to address in their business pitches? 

One of my biggest concerns with these times is further separation in the wealth and income curves. Meaning, more people will find themselves challenged with access to quality healthcare, food, exercise, education, and well-paying jobs. The result will be disparity in longevity and well-being from those who “have” versus those who “have not.”  The teams who can help people who are on the lowest ends of those curves will definitely have my attention.

What advice do you have for contestants to set up to succeed from the beginning? Are there best practices for teams to enable data-based decision-making?  

I bristle when I hear statements like “the opportunity is so large, if we only capture X%, this will provide a result of Y%.”  Better to create solid assumptions based on referenced precedence when communicating addressable market dimensions and business projections. Taking that approach will give you more credibility in your pitch.

What are you hoping to see out of the Greater Good Challenge contest submissions?

In times of significant challenge, society often creates our most exceptional innovations. We have some incredible waves of changing happening before our eyes — including the rush to a digital world and a touchless society, the general acceptance of cloud-based computing and hosted services, and the increased reliance on surviving in a “home based” life. I want to see ideas that harness the winds of change and create opportunities that lift those who are disadvantaged.   

Learn more about the Greater Good Challenge, including important dates and details on how to enter.