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‘The Ethics Police’ Asks Who Regulates Medical Research

Recently released in paperback, Robert Klitzman's The Ethics Police?: The Struggle to Make Human Research Safe (Oxford University Press), should inspire national debate, writes Connecticut newspaper The Journal Inquirer in a new review.

In the book, Klitzman, the director of the Bioethics master’s program at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies, reviews the reviewers by looking at the ethics of institutional review boards (IRBs), the governing bodies responsible for approving human research. Topics include the Tuskegee syphilis study, premature births, and cancer.

By reading Klitzman’s research, the newspaper found that the current system of review is flawed, and we need to determine how best to discuss and appreciate these issues.

Read the full review at The Journal Inquirer and learn more about the Bioethics master’s program.